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Hello everyone.   Sorry that I haven’t post for a while.  I was looking for a better desktop recorder.  Since I wasn’t pleased with the last recorder and I tweaked the HD settings. Well on to business.  The YouTube video in this post is just a quick overview on DosBox and how to mount in DosBox.  DosBox is an emulator that emu...[Read More]

Hello everyone this is Kane back again.  I spent most of the morning mastering Vegas Studio Pro 8 and Hyper Cam 2 to put together this tutorial.  The tutorial shows how to defrag you computer in Vista and gives some pointers to XP users. Now one of the main questions is why should you defrag your computer.  Well if you don’t your co...[Read More]

Hello again.  I am going to real quicky give you a review on the new game that will be coming out in America later this year.  The name of the game is Final Fantasy Dissidia which came out in Japan on December 18th 2008.  The game features the heros from nearly all the Final Fantasy game including the villans.  Also unlockable characters ...[Read More]

Hello everyone.  Well I wanted to put up a youtube video of my introduction but since I am using Vista nothing did not want to convert over.  On top of that the camecorder is old.  So when I get a new one I will be putting up a lot of youtube videos.  So for those of you who do not know me you can just call me Kane.  What I am going to do...[Read More]

I want to thank Ralph and everyone at the Information Technology Department for giving me the encouragement to do this blog. Okay everyone going to push getting things started now.  This is how it is looking for this weeks blogs. January 15th – My Youtube introduction – Also review on the new game that is still in Japan Final ...[Read More]

Well guys I will be trying next week to post a general review of MSDN Developer Confernce.  This will cover what happened in general at the confernce and also the new Windows 7 beta operating system.  Later on in the week I will see if i can put up some picture and videos of Windows 7 with my own thoughts on it.  I am hoping that it will ...[Read More]

This blog will be use to do reviews of some games and new technology that are out their.  Including some general everyday thing to answering important questions about technology.

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