About Mixxx Mixxx was originally created in 2002 as part of a PhD thesis on new interfaces for DJing by Tue Haste Andersen. After releasing the project as open source, dozens of contributors began modifying and improving Mixxx. In 2006, a new development team lead by Adam Davison and Albert Santoni began reorganizing the project to ensure smooth growth of both the codebase and the number of contri...[Read More]

  Microsoft is currently working on their next desktop operating system codename Windows Blue. The average Window’s user thinks that it will be a major upgrade. Windows Blue will fix the most critical bugs in Windows 8 which includes the release of a kernel upgrade. There is a dark side to what Microsoft has planned. For many Microsoft Windows 8 users the changes will be noticeable. For...[Read More]

I am currently  working on a project to automate the installation for Teamspeak 3.  I will make the bash script that will figure out which Linux distribution you are using.  Then the installer will undergo unique configurations to have Teamspeak 3 automatically start puting the files in the correct place.   I am doing this to make it easier for people who want to install Teamspeak 3 on a Linu...[Read More]

Windows 8 Banner

Coming this Saturday.  I and Idealist22 will be doing a new review on Windows 8.  Showing you around the new interface and how many things work.  Also to answer one of the major questions is this truely a new beginning for Microsoft.  

Many Linux users love the Mac look and feel. It’s desktop theme is beautiful to look at and the hardware looks just as stunning. At the core of both of these operating system is Unix. Why hasn’t Linux produced a distribution taking the design of a Mac desktop and merged it with the Gnome desktop? In the end, making a unique desktop that only open source can produce for users. I believe...[Read More]

Arthur (Operating System) The answer to the poll is Arthur (operating system).  Arthur was initially released in 1987.  The thing is at that time they did not call the docks but icon tray.  Arthur was the first of its kind to bundle this program with the operating system.  Windows 1.0 and Linux did not have anything like an icon tray until much later.  The icon tray from their evolved into today&#...[Read More]

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