– Designed to be Big but Fast, the Quickdraw close-combat Mech is Now Available in Three Dangerous Variants – THE INNER SPHERE – JUNE 18, 3050 – Technicron Manufacturing and Piranha Games released three new variants of the Quickdraw Mech today for pilots and houses looking to secure a close-combat Mech for their lances. With speeds topping 85 kph with a mass of 60 tons, the Quic...[Read More]

Aww yeah. 11 bit studios is all up in today’s Humble Weekly Sale, and it’s a chance to get some really, really good games for really, really cheap. For the next week, you can pay what you want for: ·         Anomaly Warzone Earth for PC / Mac / Linux ·         Anomaly Warzone Earth Mobile Campaign for Android / PC / Mac / Linux  (this is actually the mobile version made available for d...[Read More]

06/06/2013 Walpole, MA, June 7, 2013 – Space simulation fans prepare yourselves. X Rebirth is coming to the U.S. through Tri Synergy on behalf of Germany-based developer Egosoft! Will you and your female co-pilot be ready for the universe that awaits you? Tri Synergy will be at E3 2013 to provide a first look at X Rebirth. Press and Media who would like a sneak peak at X Rebirth can send an e-mail...[Read More]

About Mixxx Mixxx was originally created in 2002 as part of a PhD thesis on new interfaces for DJing by Tue Haste Andersen. After releasing the project as open source, dozens of contributors began modifying and improving Mixxx. In 2006, a new development team lead by Adam Davison and Albert Santoni began reorganizing the project to ensure smooth growth of both the codebase and the number of contri...[Read More]

No matter how crappy Microsoft’s Windows OS has been in the past it has never been in fear of competition. The company’s Windows Operating System has been the only choice for over two decades. Microsoft customers have suffer through countless fixes, patches and security nightmares such as “The Blue Screen Of Death”, rebooting after every software and update installation, Vi...[Read More]

I am currently  working on a project to automate the installation for Teamspeak 3.  I will make the bash script that will figure out which Linux distribution you are using.  Then the installer will undergo unique configurations to have Teamspeak 3 automatically start puting the files in the correct place.   I am doing this to make it easier for people who want to install Teamspeak 3 on a Linu...[Read More]

It has been a while since we have undergone this project.  On working with Teamspeak 3 server, trying to convert World of Warcraft guilds from ventrilo.  We have done small pushes with guilds that I and idealist22 belong to.  But we are feeling it is time to make it public.  See if we can get some players to convert to Teamspeak 3. During our testing with Teamspeak 3 we had our up and downs.  We a...[Read More]

This post is dedicated to Linux newbie’s interested in learning the Unix command line. Once you learned the basics you will be able to automate tasks by creating bash scripts. If you are not familiar with scripting or the word bash don’t be too concern. I will cover all of this in my Linux 101 series of articles. The Linux command line is mostly used by computer administrators. If you ...[Read More]

Many Linux users love the Mac look and feel. It’s desktop theme is beautiful to look at and the hardware looks just as stunning. At the core of both of these operating system is Unix. Why hasn’t Linux produced a distribution taking the design of a Mac desktop and merged it with the Gnome desktop? In the end, making a unique desktop that only open source can produce for users. I believe...[Read More]

So far the links that are up and are also being put on this post is Ubuntu and backtrack 3.  If you would like to download these are any other linux distro I have up please click the download tab link or go to . Ubuntu 9.04 links: 32 bit: 64 bit : Ubuntu 8.04 links: 32 bit: http://www.megauplo...[Read More]

I am proud to say that in a few days I will have download linkes setup for Ubuntu, Linux mint, and backtrack.  BDD is like i said before an opensource project to make people more aware of linux and some of it’s basic applications.  At the same time be able to give reviews also on Windows base applications and hardware.  Please if you have any suggestions leave a comment I would be more then ...[Read More]

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