Month: January 2013

No matter how crappy Microsoft’s Windows OS has been in the past it has never been in fear of competition. The company’s Windows Operating System has been the only choice for over two decades. Microsoft customers have suffer through countless fixes, patches and security nightmares such as “The Blue Screen Of Death”, rebooting after every software and update installation, Vi...[Read More]

GDC’s Game Narrative Summit adds Spec Ops, ZombiU, Ghost Recon talks Game Developers Conference 2013 organizers highlight recent additions to the new Game Narrative Summit, including mythology for Wii U launch title  ZombiU, narrative in  Spec Ops: The Line, and authenticity in  Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon. The  Game Narrative Summit is just one of eight total Summits that will take place...[Read More]

Researchers at the EMBL-European Bioinformatics institute are working in solving our future storage problems with DNA. The technology has the potential of storing 60 Exabytes in about a cup of DNA. This is equivalent of storing 100 million hours of high-definition videos in approximately 60 million hard drives each storing 1TB of data. DNA has been known to last for tens of thousands of years whic...[Read More]

Exciting news for BDD readers. In the upcoming weeks myself (Dark2087) and Idealist22 will be counting down our personal top five favorite Free to Play Online Games.  The game that makes it to number one will be the one given away to one lucky person.

Tera Rising

Tera Online © soon will be going to Free to Play model.  They have noticed that the MMO market is changing.  Where players no longer have to pay a subscription fee.  Now players can play when they want without feeling like they need to put in time because they are paying every month.  So this February Tera: Rising © will come out.  Go to link below to read the article.[Read More]

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