Month: September 2012

ok I recently did this quest on my pally and doing this from the horde side, ( I don’t have a high enough ally toon, sorry ally-lovers :P) I expected so much more- all I did was run around placing bombs in the boats and killing guards- now I love Jaina Proudmoore character and this was a slap to her face I heard the alliance side had more to do. sigh it would’ve been great to see her g...[Read More]

It has been a while since we have undergone this project.  On working with Teamspeak 3 server, trying to convert World of Warcraft guilds from ventrilo.  We have done small pushes with guilds that I and idealist22 belong to.  But we are feeling it is time to make it public.  See if we can get some players to convert to Teamspeak 3. During our testing with Teamspeak 3 we had our up and downs.  We a...[Read More]

yes the newest patch has arrived in world of warcraft! I know its been known for months and I have to admit I didn’t test it on the beta (I was busy was the cute pandas) but now that its live and I finally was forced to actually look at most of all that is coming with it. I saying coming because Theramore is the same for now but as most players know wont be in the up in coming weeks gearing ...[Read More]

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