Month: March 2012

Currently I have been playing the Diablo 3 beta for only a week now.  The game feels extremely smooth, even going from one quest to another.  The game is setup in such a way that makes you want to explore the world.  Currently the beta only takes place in a town called Tristram.  It is an interesting small town with a lot of history that comes from the original Diablo.  The controls for the game a...[Read More]

Apple has taken the gadget industry by storm. Under Steve Job’s leadership in 1997 as Interim CEO he brought back the company from a near death experience and produced gadgets that have amazed the industry. The new iPad 3 is one of these gizmos and the main reason behind my post. Can the Android tablets compete against Apple’s iPad 3? Let’s take a look at hardware specs, name bra...[Read More]

This post is dedicated to Linux newbie’s interested in learning the Unix command line. Once you learned the basics you will be able to automate tasks by creating bash scripts. If you are not familiar with scripting or the word bash don’t be too concern. I will cover all of this in my Linux 101 series of articles. The Linux command line is mostly used by computer administrators. If you ...[Read More]

Windows 8 Banner

Coming this Saturday.  I and Idealist22 will be doing a new review on Windows 8.  Showing you around the new interface and how many things work.  Also to answer one of the major questions is this truely a new beginning for Microsoft.  

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