Month: October 2011

Announced yesterday at blizzcon.  There is going to be a new expansion pack called Mists of Pandaria.  In this expansion a new race and class is introduced.  Also blizzard is trying to do more with the talent trees. In this new expansion a new continent called Pandaria is going to be introduced.  This is supposedly were Pandaren live.  Pandaren’s are a like a cross between a panda bear and humans....[Read More]

Dungeon Defenders

Today on Steam Dungeon Defenders was released at twelve in the morning today.  The game is very similar to the Dungeon Defenders First Wave with some changes which I will note. Apprentice now is considered the novice. Squire now is considered intermediate. Now there are two new classes that are locked Barbarian and Series EV. The game works well on the PC with the Xbox controller.  The only thing ...[Read More]

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