Month: August 2009

Hello everyone please take the time to rate and comment on this blog. So Bizzard is reworking the encounter with Onyxia. This will be released in patch 3.2.2 just in time for World of Warcraft’s fifth anniversary. Onyxia will have an updated loot table for the current game content. So far I have not heard anything about what loot will drop besides the flying mount the will be modeled after O...[Read More]

This information was taken from the Classes, Items and Professions Panel.  You can go to .  For more information. The Goblin This panel began by taking a close look at the two new playable races being introduced for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The goblin race, available to the Horde, will be able to choose from all classes except...[Read More]

Well the title says it all.  Cataclysm is the next expansion in World of Warcraft.  So this expansion would make it number three.  For those of you not follow Blizzcon this will be huge.  Well actually you might not believe it.  All of Azeroth will be changed.   Old zones you have been in will be unrecognizable.  But before that two new races are being released.  One is called Worgen which is a we...[Read More]

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