Month: July 2009

So far the links that are up and are also being put on this post is Ubuntu and backtrack 3.  If you would like to download these are any other linux distro I have up please click the download tab link or go to . Ubuntu 9.04 links: 32 bit: 64 bit : Ubuntu 8.04 links: 32 bit: http://www.megauplo...[Read More]

I am proud to say that in a few days I will have download linkes setup for Ubuntu, Linux mint, and backtrack.  BDD is like i said before an opensource project to make people more aware of linux and some of it’s basic applications.  At the same time be able to give reviews also on Windows base applications and hardware.  Please if you have any suggestions leave a comment I would be more then ...[Read More]

Their is still not much information on what happened.  But as a reporter reported the fire department was able to put out the fire quickly.  This info was gathered from Hundson Reporter.

Shortly after the July 4th fireworks.  One of Macy’s barges caught fire.  As of right now their is not much information about what happened.  As of right now their is an on going investigation on what could have caused the fire.  I will post a new update as soon as I find out more information on what happened.

PSPgo is the new hand held gaming system that Sony will be releasing this fall. So far the price tag is $250. This psp has no UMD drive. Consumers who buy the PSP go will have to rely on the Playstation market place and it’s download-able content to use the PSP go. One good news is that Sony planes on having all the 09 games download-able before the release of the PSP go. Also the PSP go wil...[Read More]

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