Month: March 2009

Hello this is Kane.  I have been getting multiple warnings from US-CERT about the Conflicer Work.  It is a self replicating worm that can get on you computer by going to a website or using a usb drive.  It will attempt to attack shares that are password protected and will also will start webservices on ports 1024 and 10000.  Microsoft is taking this serious and has so far offer a bounty of $250,00...[Read More]

Hello every one.  Once again this is Kane.  Todays post is about what one person called freedom.  What it means to users be hind secure firewalls is Your-Freedom + Sockscap32.  These are two programs that the user can use to get around a firewall.  I will explain how this works in greater detail.  Thank I will put up the same steps as some one else wrote so you can do it your self.  But be warned ...[Read More]

Microsoft is open source’s biggest threat. It paid SCO money to sue Linux companies. It voiced the message that Linux is used for illegal software activities, a cancer that will destroy software innovation, has a high ROI (Return on Investment) and is developed by uneducated programmers. It has spread rumors about software patents affecting the Linux kernel, calling open source users communi...[Read More]

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