Month: February 2009

Pokemon Platinum is the next installment of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Many things in the game is similar to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The only major difference is the main legendary pokemon is Giratina. This game will have whole new features compare to Diamond and Pearl. It also has the reverse world which is considered the opposite of the human world. This is where Giratina lives. From what I h...[Read More]

Sonic Unleashed was released last year.  The game itself is somewhat interesting.  The engine is made so the game is like a hybrid between 2D and 3D rendering.  So basically graphics are great.  I feel the game lives up to what most people would like in the graphics department.  I feel personally since I have played the game the controls are not the greatest for wolf form.  I can’t really co...[Read More]

Atmosphir is a free game that can be downloaded from .  Atmosphir has been out for about eight months.  They are under Minor Studios.  Their goal is to bring a free and creative game to PC’s, Mac’s, and even Linux.  They are also dealing a bit with education.  They have three design challenges that they first used when Atmosphir started.  They also have another sheet whic...[Read More]

Hi everyone!!! <3 As everyone has seen lately the wonderful students of NYU expressed their feelings by having a riot. Now I am a very big supporter of freedom of speech and standing up for what you believe in, but when it is unplanned and certainly not fully thought out … that is just stupid. Few demands are very noble but seriously, I expect these students to be a little bit smarter! You don’...[Read More]

All updates besides one was done.  The menu was re-arranged in the correct order.  A static Home and Blog page was defined.  So if your reading this post then that worked.  The syncing with the other blogs will take place in May.  So thats it I hope you guys like the new look.

Gamer Pub will go into private mode tomorrow. This is to insure that the changes that are made go smoothly. Also for the first attemp to sync Gamer Pub with the others. This will happen between the time of 1pm to 3pm. This should give me the time to do the final changes. Thanks, Kane

Arthur (Operating System) The answer to the poll is Arthur (operating system).  Arthur was initially released in 1987.  The thing is at that time they did not call the docks but icon tray.  Arthur was the first of its kind to bundle this program with the operating system.  Windows 1.0 and Linux did not have anything like an icon tray until much later.  The icon tray from their evolved into today&#...[Read More]

I just am curios what people think. Poll will be closed on Sunday at 9:00am Blog Disabled

Cooliris is a program that allows you to view pictures and videos on the web in 3d. You can pan though the pictures as if they are on a wall. Also you can play videos straight from Cooliris. The program has a nice feature to use google search, hulu search, and Youtube search plus more. This program can also allow you to add favorite pictures once you have registered. This program in my point of vi...[Read More]

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