Job Change is Coming to Bloodline on 29 December 2015

Today Cherry Credits Pte Ltd announced the launch date of Job Change in their hit mobile card battle RPG Bloodline: 29 December 2015. Unique to Bloodline, the Job Change feature allows players to advance their Heroes further and create a squad that is distinctly theirs.

Starting 29 December 2015, Bloodline’s Job Change feature will be available for heroes who have reached level 40 via the Job Change button on their character info screen. Each of the five hero classes has its own set of Job Advancements that players can choose from, but heroes of the same class will have different advancements available to them; for example, Queen Ara, a Priest, can choose from Divine Messenger and Archon, while Choir Angel, also a Priest, can choose from Martial Arts Mistress and Archon. Players are able to switch between advancements without losing any levelling progress in any of their job advancements.

Players advance their heroes by defeating five of Bloodline’s greatest masters in the Head Hunter Warlords event (available at Squad Level 30) and earning Job Change Scrolls and Energy. With these scrolls, they then select from two to three job advancements for their heroes, granting new passive abilities and stat bonuses. Additionally, players can further boost their heroes’ stats via the Job Change Power-Up button using the Energy they have earned. This Energy can also be purchased using gems or collected by doing Growth/Daily tasks.

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More information on Bloodline’s Job Change can be found at:

“We are excited to have players try out Bloodline’s Job Change, which offers a new take on Mobile Card Battle RPG genre and has been highly anticipated since the game’s launch,” said Jeremy Koh, Bloodline Product Manager at Cherry Credits Pte Ltd. “We have been listening closely to our players’ feedback to improve on game content and services, and we believe Job Change is one of the key features that will enhance their gameplay experience.”

Bloodline X’mas Madness Giveaway is still ongoing till the end of 25 December 2015 (GMT +8) where participants stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (32GB). As for new players, all new Bloodline accounts created by 31 December 2015 will receive X’mas Starter Pack (250 Gems and 120,000 Gold) upon reaching Squad Level 5. Participants can participate and learn more on Bloodline X’mas Madness here:

Published and operated by Cherry Credits Pte Ltd, Bloodline is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android users in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. During its launch month,Bloodline achieved 100,000 downloads and climbed to the top 10 in overall Game, RPG genre and Grossing rankings in Singapore and Philippines* while winning critical favour from its players.

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