New DLC “Road to Iron Forest” for Legends of Eisenwald Released Today

Also available is a Season Pass, with access to current and future DLC

Aterdux Entertainment, developers of Legends of Eisenwald, the adventure-RPG for PC, today released their first DLC for the game. The new DLC, “Road to Iron Forest”, includes a new map, new adventuring location and a new storyline. Visit the game’s Steam page for more information about the DLC.

Legends of Eisenwald on Steam –

Aterdux has also launched a Season Pass will give purchasers access to all current and future extra content until the end of Summer 2016 (and possibly longer). The Season Pass includes at least 3 DLCs including Road to Iron Forest. Future DLCs will contain new maps and new stories set in the duchy of Eisenwald, in locations close to or far from the main campaign lands.

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More about Legends of Eisenwald – 

Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world.

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