Teamspeak 3 Rising

It has been a while since we have undergone this project.  On working with Teamspeak 3 server, trying to convert World of Warcraft guilds from ventrilo.  We have done small pushes with guilds that I and idealist22 belong to.  But we are feeling it is time to make it public.  See if we can get some players to convert to Teamspeak 3.

During our testing with Teamspeak 3 we had our up and downs.  We also found out how difficult being a host can be.  We currently have a back up Teamspeak 3 server in a completely different location.

Currently we are looking to push our public Teamspeak 3 server for World of Warcraft players on Ravencrest and Galakrond for next three months.  Then we will be going to another two servers.  In the very near future we hope to have a tutorial on how to install Teamspeak 3 on Centos and Ubuntu server including an installation script.  I hope for those reading this they will be happy to try out Teamspeak 3 for free for the upcoming months on the servers.

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