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Video Games Live was here at the Beacon Theater in New York City Yesterday Night (October 25th).  The music was the best I have ever heard.  This was the first time I ever went to a Video Games Live.  The one thing that made this show special is when Tommy Tallarico (CEO, Mystical Stone Entertainment) got Ralph Baer on Skype.  Tommy spoke to Ralph and had him on the large screen for everyone to see.

Ralph Baer is the first person to record a video game.  This recorded at the bottom was taken in 1969 features a game he made called Ping-Pong.


The next person I would like to mention is Martin Leung (Solo Pianist).  Martin is a extremely talented young man.  Martin is able to play Super Mario bros. blindfolded.  Martin is the greatest and I would love to see his performance again and again.


Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall brought all of this together.  Their imagination and enthusiasm for games made this the best event ever.  I will definitely recommend a friend to go.  And I definitely want to go again.

Tommy Tallarico

Jack Wall

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  1. hello everyone!! I just wanted to add that this event was awesome!!! between the music,the images on screen and not to mention the all people who helped out on this event were really nice, its something i would sure like to go to again. Even if you dont like video games the music is enough to go and be apart of.

    MJ R.I.P (they did a nice tribute to the king of pop also)

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