World of Warcraft on Iphone

There has been talk of a company name Vollee that does streaming service for video games.  The reason why I bring this up in my post is that deals with World of Warcraft and the Iphone.  What Vollee does is stream a video game to the mobile device, which can’t play the game natively.  This allows the graphics to be streamed to a mobile device that is on the 3G network or connected by Wifi.  Now this is where the iphone comes in.  Vollee has made an app that installs on the iphone that allows you to do all this.  Besides IGN and IT World which I found this out from, there have been YouTube videos posted that shows Vollee running the game on the Iphone.  Even though just base on the video I would not be using it to play World of Warcraft.  This does open up opportunities for game designers to make elaborate games that even though are not supported by the iphone, can be hosted by Volleeb to be played on mobile devices.  But still my personal opinion this is still very far off.

If you want to check it out the websites where I got info go to:



IT World


I was at least able to confirm with the information I found on IGN.Unfortunately IT World has not been able to confirm if the video is legit.  So whatever you think about the video is up to you.  Please leave a comment if you want to give your opinion or have any questions.



5 thoughts on “World of Warcraft on Iphone”

    1. In my opinion it is. Based on all the support the Iphone 3G is getting from developers and also services like Vollee.

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